Our Pastor

Pastor Chad Christensen

Pastor Chad Christensen was called to be our pastor beginning July 1, 2020, at 70% ministry time. He lives in Dodge Center and also serves as pastor of the Dodge Center United Methodist Church (30% time).

Pastor Chad is originally from Westbrook, Minnesota, having grown up on a farm there. He graduated from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota in 2000 and was ordained that same year. He has served congregations in Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri before returning now to his home state. He has also served as a county social worker in Pipestone, Minnesota and as a hospital chaplain at Meriter-Unity Point hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. His parents and his brother’s family also live in Minnesota. Pastor Chad enjoys watching sports, bicycling, photography, and doing social research. He can be reached on his cell by voice/text, 507-517-4160.

Pastor Chad’s Ink…..

“What did Jesus ask the Church to do?”

I am writing this article right after confirmation class on December 13th. We have a fine group of students exploring Christian theology and life in the church, and being obedient to God and being faithful people.

In our lesson tonight, I asked a fundamental Christian question of the class: What did Jesus, right before he ascended to be with the Father and with the new church and the days of Pentecost following, ask the church to do? This question ought to be on our minds to center us and guide our church ministry. There is a biblical answer to what the church should be about, and this happens through us: “That we receive the Holy Spirit, let the Spirit work through us, and be witnesses of Christ to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

So, we let the Holy Spirit move through us as we share the story of Christ—with each other, emboldening one another’s faith AND sharing the faith with others, including those whom we have yet to meet.

As your pastor, it is my ministry and work to equip you in such matters—to take up what the church ought to be doing in story telling and faith sharing. This can be taught and exercised by anyone, not just church leadership, or the outreach or evangelism committee, or by just the pastor and church staff.

I would like to lead the congregation on an afternoon or evening seminar on faith sharing and story telling that you can use in your home with your family, or when you are with friends over coffee or eating out, or when you are active through your church. Verbal ways we tell God’s story through Jesus Christ. Our children did this story telling at Trinity for the children’s Christmas program. They did a fine job. Adults can do this too.

I hope we can gather several people together for a time that works for most, or two separate times with two different groups. We know the Holy Spirit promises to be there, just as the Spirit was there as the church was born, with the apostle Peter preaching, and the

and the Disciples-turned apostles who started this wonderful church known as Christianity, beholding the Christ who saves us.
Stay tuned for more discussion on this and these seminars. In the meantime, take reflection on our work as a church in our community and where we can share of ourselves in the bright new year that we begin now.


Grace and Peace be yours,

Pastor Christensen